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Proxmox, OVH (SoYouStart), OPNsense, IPv6, Routing

Posted: 1/Sep/2022

Setup nextcloud and Collabora Online

Posted: 22/May/2022

Setup PHPIPAM with SAML and Keycloak

Posted: 9/May/2022

Do want more backgrounds in Google Meet?

Posted: 4/Apr/2022

tinc VPN on pfSense setup

Posted: 29/Dec/2021

How To Configure Proxmox Bridged Networking

Posted: 27/Nov/2021

Virtual pfSense on Proxmox with OVH failover IP

Posted: 26/Nov/2021

Google Domains and Lets Encrypt Certificates using DNS validation for local Proxmox servers

Posted: 26/Nov/2021

My Three Laws of Home Automation

Posted: 7/Oct/2021

getting the most from your bean to cup machine

Posted: 12/May/2021

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